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150 hour employment opportunities

Part-time collaboration activity (150 hours)

Every year Opera Universitaria offers part-time work opportunities, as part of its institutional activities, to more than 100 students enrolled at the University of Trento, starting from the second year and ending with the first year out of the course.

Students can choose the type of activity they wish to carry out from a wide range of proposals in the Call for Proposals Activities at Opera Universitaria: reception services, information and support in the presentation of applications for benefits at the information desks, administrative activities in the offices, verification and control in the housing facilities, support in the organization and holding of cultural activities and events promoted by the organization, collaboration in the Mediation service, support services for fire-fighting on-call at the S. Bartolameo and Mayer Student Residence, guard and control services in the S. Bartolameo Student Residence gyms (red gym and yellow gym), reception at the Mayer Student Residence.

Opera can involve students in particular activities attributable to projects promoted by various sectors of the institution who have participated in the "Call for specialist activities", that are suitable in the rankings, and have a curriculum and/or specific skills, in particular activities related to projects promoted by the various sectors of the institution.

Applications can only be submitted online, during the opening periods.

The rankings are published on this page and on the UniTrento website.

The duration of collaborations with Opera varies from a minimum of 150 to a maximum of 200 hours, with the exception of sector B - mediation, and collaborations relating to the call for specialist activities where it may vary from a minimum of 150 hours to a maximum of 350 hours for specific needs of service.

The hourly remuneration, exempt from personal income tax pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 68 of 29 March 2012, is established in relation to the type of collaboration envisaged and may vary from a minimum of € 6.00 to a maximum of € 9.00.

Part-time collaboration, which involves compulsory attendance of online courses on Health and Safety in the Workplace (FORGE general training and FORBAS low risk training) and the passing of final tests, does not in any way constitute an employment relationship and does not qualify for any evaluation for the purposes of public competitions.

Pursuant to Article 11 of Legislative Decree no. 68 of 29 March 2012, the amount of student collaboration is tax-exempt up to an amount of €3,500.00 for each calendar year. If in the same year fees are paid for services carried out in different years for a total amount exceeding the above limit, the excess will be subject to IRPEF (e.g. collaboration carried out in 2022 paid in 2023 + collaboration carried out and paid in 2023).
A CU form will be issued for the remuneration paid (both exempt and any amount subject to IREPF):
- the exempt part must not be declared for IRPEF purposes (Form 730 or Modello Redditi Persone Fisiche), while it must be reported in any ISEE, ICEF, etc. declarations  
- the part subject to IRPEF (if any) must be reported in the eventual income tax return (Form 730 or Modello Redditi Persone Fisiche) and will concur to form the income limit to be considered "fiscally dependent".

The CU form relating to the income of the proceeding year can be downloaded by accessing the MYUNITN profile of Esse3, downloading the special widget called "Cu Opera Universitaria" from the settings (spanner in the top right-hand corner).

All communications are made exclusively through the institutional e-mail account:



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Requirements for participation

Leggi il Bando di concorso per l’attività di collaborazione a tempo parziale a.a. 2022/2023· ATTIVITÀ PRESSO OPERA UNIVERSITARIA

(Read the Announcement of Competition for part-time collaboration activity a.y. 2022/2023 - ACTIVITY AT THE OPERA UNIVERSITARIA)

and Bando di concorso per l’attività di collaborazione a tempo parziale – a.a. 2022/2023 ATTIVITÀ SPECIALISTICHE.

The regulations for part-time student work stipulate that each call for applications, in addition to outlining the possible types of collaboration, defines different requirements, duration and remuneration per hour.



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Graduatoria settore A –Bando attività presso Opera Universitaria
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