Opera Universitaria was founded in 1991 with the aim of supporting the student population in their university career, through interventions and services capable of eliminating obstacles to the full enjoyment of the right to study, as established by Article 34 of our Constitution: "The capable and deserving students, even if they lack the means, have the right to reach the highest grades of studies. The Republic gives effect to this right with scholarships, family allowances and other provisions, which must be awarded by contest”.

Since its foundation, it was immediately evident Opera's ambition to not only be a provider of services but a promoter of a real student community, rooted and integrated into the territory.

Through a continuous dialogue between universities, territories and institutions, the work of the institution intends to respond in a concrete way to the real needs of students and at the same time capable of bringing added value to our territory, through trained, competent and motivated young people who pass through or who choose to join the territory for their professional and personal life even after their studies. Over time, this has proved to be a winning bet, which has allowed Opera to maintain a level of services up to national standards and capable of competing even with the best systems at the European level.

Opera is driven by the principles of equality, impartiality, continuity, participation, effectiveness and efficiency. We now want to look ahead, adapting to a student community with an increasingly international character, fueling the exchange and confrontation with Europe and the rest of the world, creating a physical place for encounters, opportunities, cultural incentives. So community, but also culture, sport, participation, attention to the environment.

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