To meet the needs of the students and the need to manage the services provided in safe conditions, we have created Opera4U.

The app will allow access to Opera Universitaria services in an even smarter way. On one side it is a web app accessible from a PC, tablet or smartphone at https://opera4u.operaunitn.cloud/ already available online for all students, even if they do not have a smartphone, on the other it is a native mobile app for all Apple and Android smartphones, available from 14 September, which will allow access to Opera Universitaria services in an even smarter way. 


Access to the restaurants will be possible upon reservation of the seat, through the Opera4U online services; the student can choose the restaurant, the day, the meal (lunch or dinner) and the time slot for the access. At this point, you will receive an email notification with a barcode. This code must be read by the terminal located at the entrance of each restaurant, and this will print, if the reservation is valid, the "ENTRY ALLOWED" receipt to be delivered to the operator of the self-service line.

If the student makes the reservation directly from the app installed on his smartphone, he will find the barcode directly in his reservation. In this way, access will be even easier and more immediate.


The terminal located at the entrance of the restaurants displays the situation for each access time slot in real-time, highlighting: the number of seats allowed, the seats booked and not booked and the number of entrances, i.e. the seats actually occupied at that moment.



With the new start, there are many changes planned in order to make also the structures even more modern, safe and functional. The restyling works are already underway at T. Gar, and others will take places at the remaining restaurants in the next months.


And more...

Through the use of Opera4U, the student will be able to discover the menu of the day, cooked in the various restaurants for students, and eat informed by consulting: ingredients, allergens, nutritional values and nutritional declaration of each recipe; you can reserve a place in the desired restaurant, consulting the availability by range; finally, through the evaluation tools, students will be able to help our staff to improve the service.



Presidente Opera Universitaria Qualcosa bolle in pentola Slide presentazione indagine (21.2.2017) Download Open
Prof.ssa Francesca Sartori Qualcosa bolle in pentola Slide presentazione indagine (21.2.2017) Download Open
Qualcosa bolle in pentola Indagine 2015-2016 Rapporto sul servizio di ristorazione dell'Opera Universitaria sulla base dell'indagine svolta tra gli studenti nell'a.a. 2015/16 Download Open
Indagine soddisfazione degli utenti dei servizi di ristorazione dell'Opera Universitaria (2012) Download Open

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