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In the academic year 2018/2019 Opera Universitaria has approximately 1500 accommodations that are made available to “fuori sede” students (i.e. not residents of the Province of Trento), either in student residences or in apartments.

The main requirements to obtain an accommodation are established by the Call of applications and concern:

  • the student’s economic status;
  • the student’s household composition;
  • the student’s academic achievement (“merito”; only for students enrolled in an academic year subsequent to their first one).

Opera Universitaria’s accommodations are located in areas from which the University’s faculties and departments can be easily reached on foot, by bicycle, or by public transport (Trentino Trasporti).

Opera Universitaria provides bed linen, towels and bed covers only in the S. Bartolameo Student House, in the Collegio Bernardo Clesio, and in the Opera Barelli Residence (in Rovereto).
Kitchen gear (plates, pots, cutlery, etc.) is NEVER provided.
We remind all our guests to please follow the instructions for the separate waste collection!

Office Information Desk - via della Malpensada, 140 - tel. (+39) 0461.217450
Opening hours:
Monday-Wednesday-Friday 9 to 12 AM
Wednesday also 2 to 4 PM

Cultural Mediation Service - via della Malpensada, 90
tel. (+39) 0461.217418 -

Accommodation Inspection Service
tel. (+39) 0461.217415
cell. 3296605310  -


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